A unique pedagogical approach



A unique pedagogical approach

Our nurserys and homes KidsCare support your children in their learning thanks to a unique pedagogical approach.
Our professionals undergo continuous training to establish a framework adapted to the pedagogies Pikler-Montessori and multilingual education.
Your child's development is also favored by daily contact with the great outdoors.

Pedagogical approaches Pikler-Montessori

The pedagogical approach Pikler-Montessori is based on children's freedom of movement and play.
The little ones are thus free to explore their environment with their bodies. No position (sitting, lying down, standing) is imposed on them. Everyone's learning pace and needs are respected.
Children are welcomed in a universe adapted to their age and with a wide variety of activities. The game is free and uninterrupted. Indeed, the child must be able to carry out an activity until the end without being disturbed. These moments of concentration are fundamental for its development.
Benevolence and acceptance of emotions are also a key foundation for giving confidence and self-esteem. Our professionals put themselves at the level of the child and explain to him in correct language the activities, the care received and the different stages of the day.
The development of skills is thus done according to the individual needs and capacities of each child, in a unique way.

Plurilingual education

Language learning in early childhood happens spontaneously and naturally. Our pedagogical approach is based on this principle to offer multilingual education to children in French, Luxembourgish and English.
The methods and practices used for plurilingual education are non-formal. They respect the learning needs of each age. Thus, training in different languages ​​takes place during daily activities (meals, walks, going to bed) or during targeted learning situations (reading a story, nursery rhyme, game).
The children come into contact with the three languages ​​(French, Luxembourgish, English) through inclusive pedagogical approach strategies. There is no assessment of skills as in class and everyone's learning pace is respected.
This early plurilingual familiarization then enables children to adapt to language teaching in the Luxembourg school curriculum or to any other international teaching.
This is a very important advantage for their future training!

Lots of outdoor activities

Nurseries and homes KidsCare are committed to putting children in contact with the great outdoors on a daily basis. All our structures have a private garden which the children enjoy every day.
Contact with the great outdoors is essential for the good cerebral and motor development of the child. There are many outdoor activities available. Children can run, jump or climb. Safety is ensured by facilities and games suitable for young children. Our professionals are always present without hindering everyone's freedom of movement. 
Our gardens are also made for gardening and harvesting. Children plant and grow fruits and vegetables there. These activities are good ways to help teach children to respect nature. Indeed, the child attends to the slow rhythm of the seasons. He learns to recognize their different characteristics and to love them.
Our outdoor spaces are of the necessary size to allow the child to explore without being constrained in their locomotor capacities. The child is not made insecure either by a space that is too vast or too dangerous that he could not apprehend independently.
Nurseries and day centers KidsCare allow your children to benefit from a unique pedagogical approach that respects their individual needs and their thirst for learning.


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