Our referral program

Sponsorship KidsCare is a program which allows a family whose child is already hosted by one of our reception structures to benefit from a gift by recommending KidsCare to his loved ones.
If a new family is welcomed into KidsCare (welcome contract signed and child actually welcomed), she then becomes a goddaughter and will be given a gift voucher to use, without further delay, at our partner, the lovely concept store for eco-responsible toys  “The Butterfly Chests”.   


Let's Go !


How to sponsor at KidsCare?
All you need to do is provide the identity of the sponsor (surname/first name/reception structure attended) during pre-registration or final registration.

Gifts :
•    For the sponsor: 1 gift certificate worth 80 € valid at Coffres à Papillons.
•    For the godchild: 1 gift certificate worth 20 € valid at Coffres à Papillons.

Conditions :
• The sponsorship offer must be claimed by the sponsor or the godchild directly from the Parent Relations Service (parents@babilou-family.lu) and this from pre-registration or final registration and within a limit of 30 days after welcoming the new child;
• Gifts are only transmitted if the godson enters into a contract with KidsCare and if the child is actually welcomed within the reception structures KidsCare;
• Gifts are sent in the form of a gift voucher at the end of the first month of welcoming the new child.