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How to benefit from CSA au Luxembourg ?

Nurseries and homes KidsCare have been recognized as reception service voucher providers by the Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth of Luxembourg.

Le CSA, check service-reception, allows parents to benefit from reduced rates with our structures! It is paid directly to the reception service.

Parents therefore only owe the part not covered, established according to their family situation and their income.


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 What are the criteria for bénéficier du CSA au Luxembourg ?


The criteria taken into account for each family structure:

  • Household income, whether married, civil partnership or cohabiting: a copy of the tax slip will be requested as well as recent proof of income;
  • The number of children concerned by family allowances within the household;
  • The place of the child in the siblings.

Then, the amount of State participation by the CSA depends on other conditions:

  • The type of childcare structure: nursery, home, parental assistant;
  • The number of hours provided for in the hosting contract.

Benefits already received depending on the age of the child: for example, the first 20 hours offered to children aged 1 to 4 in a collective structure.

Who is eligible for CSA ?

The service-reception check is intended for children residing in Luxembourg or children whose parents are workers in Luxembourg and EU nationals.

The children concerned must be under the age of 13 and/or still enrolled in basic education.

How to benefit from CSA ?

Parents must go to the administration of their municipality of residence.

Cross-border households working in Luxembourg but not residing there must go to the Caisse pour l'Avenir des Enfants (CAE). These families can also send the membership form by post.

A membership contract CSA is then established. It defines the financial participation of the parents.

What is the amount of CSA ?

The financial contribution of the Ministry of Education is limited to 60 hours per week and €6 per hour for a collective structure and €3,75 per hour for a parental assistant.

The State pays for a maximum of 5 meals per week.

The rest is the responsibility of the household.


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