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An eco-responsible nursery environment

KidsCare is committed to promoting an eco-responsible nursery environment. Respect for the environment is an educational project in its own right in our nurserys and day centres.
This commitment is exercised at different levels and on a daily basis in our reception structures. It affects both children and their parents.

Objective 0 plastic for an eco-responsible nursery

Plastic waste is responsible for the majority of pollution on the planet. KidsCare is committed to the 0% plastic objective project to contribute to the protection of the environment.
For this we want to use exclusively glass dishes or other more durable materials. The child thus learns that the dishes break, and therefore to take care of the objects he uses. He also discovers, from a young age, ecological approaches that he can keep later.
We guarantee the safety and health of your children at all levels.

Anti Waste Campaign

Food waste is commonplace in collective establishments and in certain family practices. Nurseries and day centers KidsCare thus carry out an “Antigaspi” campaign with children and their families. The first place to learn good ecological practices is the reception structure.
We serve organic food based on fresh and local products. Our professionals also organize activities around seasonal products. The meals are calibrated according to the ages of the children and the number of children.
All of these actions promote the implementation of good organic practices and avoid food waste.

Water fountains

In all of our nurserys and day centres, water bottles are replaced by water fountains Brita.
We thus avoid the consumption of single-use plastic while guaranteeing healthy water for your children.

Wooden toys and furniture

The toys and wooden furniture in our reception facilities are mainly made from label wood FSC ou PEFC. These two labels enable the preservation and sustainable management of forests.

Local partners

KidsCare develops local partnerships, always in a sustainable development approach.
We have thus established a partnership with the Formida centre, which organizes educational activities to raise awareness of better use of resources.
Another partnership is developing with the Ketterthill laboratory, in particular for joint participation in the Relay for Life for cancer patients.

Nappies and care products provided

Nappies and care products are provided in all of our nurserys KidsCare. The price paid by families includes the supply of these essential hygiene products from early childhood.
We try to reduce our environmental impact. Our professionals therefore favor products from organic and ecological brands. Our nappies and care products are of high quality and respectful of the most fragile skin.
The cleaning products used for the upkeep of the premises are also from eco-labelled brands. All of our hygiene actions are geared towards the greater safety and health of your children.
In addition, we order the necessary care and nappies according to our last consumption to get as close as possible to our real needs. In this way, we avoid product waste as much as possible.
Hygiene-related protocols are displayed in our nurserys and day centres: hand washing, storage of products, etc. Our teams put the health and safety of your young children first.


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