Our charter

For each child, we will :

Welcome child and family without being judgemental

Use and pronounce the child's name correctly

Speak gently to the child

Tell the child the truth

Inform the child about the care he/she is going to receive

Bend down to child height when speaking to him/her

Avoid putting the child in a situation that he/she cannot handle on its own

Provide free access to his/her comforter

Encourage attempts at independence 

Keep a caring eye on his/her experimentations

Respect his/her right to refuse an activity or meal

Give the child time to finish his/her game, nap or daydreaming

Adjust his/her surroundings to be height compatible and within the child's level of competence

Provide a welcoming environment throughout the day

Accompany the child outside every day

Provide healthy and varied meals