Food at our creches

Organic is the way to go at KidsCare. That applies to all food, fresh or frozen. No added salt either. All meals are prepared in our main kitchen at Luxembourg-Cents.

Our nurse checks the menus for all our creches, our chefs prepare the meals and the children enjoy the food.

Nursing mums are very welcome at any time of the day. If they cannot leave work, we try to find together the very best solution for breastfeeding to continue at the creche.

A weaning programme is mapped out for every infant, compiled together by the parents and our nurse. Should you prefer any given foodstuff not to be given to your child, we respect your wishes. We also prepare special meals for children with allergies, based on a detailed medical prescription.

We are also concerned about protecting the environment and our children’s future. That’s why we only use bisphenol free bottles.